News of The two edible gardens at St Mary’s School and Bridport Primary School.

The themes this year have included:

Introducing children to new foods through visual, taste and smell workshops.

Early Settlement theme in Year 5. Corn was ground in a hand-operated mill known as a quern, kindly lent by Denhay farm, and formed into loaves, which were baked in the school kitchens.

Sustainable Farming and the Soil project (year 5). This include ‘Soiling your Undies’, a citizen’s science project,  Cotton pants were buried in the ground, and dug up three months later. A healthy soil contains many life-forms which will break down the cotton. At St Mary’s school, where we have been operating an organic edible garden for  ten years, there was little left of the underpants except the elastic waistband.  

The team has been collaborating between the two schools and a community allotment in the Skilling estate to buy seeds collectively and tow share germination and seedling.

If you wish to get involved, please email us.  We are particularly short of people willing to come and water over the summer holidays and to harvest produce.