About Us

Sustainable Bridport has grown out of Transition Town Bridport (TTB) which has been active since 2009. TTB was launched following a public meeting to gauge interest in joining a national, community led, initiative for local action on education  and action to tackle climate change by reducing our community’s impact on the environment.

After fourteen years, we are reaching out to a wider audience under the banner of ‘Sustainable Bridport’ . We are looking at a whole range of initiatives from Local Food Security, Sustainable Fashion and Recycling, to Energy saving in the home and widespread growth of Renewable Energy. 

The Transition movement began in Totnes in 2006 and grew to thousands of people, initiatives and projects working in Transition across the world today. The impetus for Transition is the need to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. Transition Towns are made up of local communities that proactively reduce their dependence on fossil fuels and help mitigate climate change, by re-localising, shifting production closer to home and creating functioning communities. They are fuelled by the idea that strong neighbourhood networks will help their town to weather future energy shocks. To find out more about Transition Towns follow this link.

Since then, we have run numerous continuing projects and campaigns:

  • Edible Gardens in two primary schools, growing vegetables and running cooking courses and community events.
  • Open EcoHomes, now Dorset Greener Homes
  • Reskilling courses for school leavers
  • Draught busters and curtain lining workshops
  • Green Fortnights, focussing on buying local, sustainable farming , reducing plastics and fast fashion  
  • Talks on COPs, circular economy, universal basic  income etc
  • Numerous films, eg Demain, The age of Stupid, This changes everything.

Many of these have inspired continuing campaigns in Bridport.

Setup of Sustainable Bridport

Transition Town Bridport Ltd. is a  non-profit company limited by guarantee

Chairman – Lesley Windsor

Administrator – Chris Uren

Treasurer – Nick Child;

Greener Homes, website- Sam Wilberforce

Edible Garden – Sarah Wilberforce

Company Secretary: Mike Harvey

The core meets on a regular basis, and co-opts people who wish to join us.