Building a Resilient, Fair and Low Carbon Bridport

Building a Resilient, Fair and Low Carbon Bridport

The New Face of Transition Town Bridport

  • Climate change is touching the lives of us all, biodiversity is being wiped out. Consumerism and economic growth as we have known it are no longer sustainable. 
  • Imagine a future where everyone has a part to play in making our local community work- from energy supply, food production, transport, and leisure, through to all other aspects of life. 
  • Sustainable Bridport works toward flexible and creative responses to: 
    • Reduce local energy consumption- personal and business. 
    • Encourage local production and consumption. 
    • Adapt to change and work with others to become more self-reliant. 
  • Trying to act alone, the challenges we face can feel overwhelming but when we come together, we start to realise our power and potential. 


Latest News

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Imagining a Sustainable Bridport

Every year new climate records are broken – extreme weather is causing floods, fires, droughts, storms on an unprecedented scale. This is what climate models predict will happen as a result of greenhouse gases. If the present 1.2 °C warming can produce this climate chaos then what will the 2 or 3°C rise be like?

Sustainable Bridport aims to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels for our transport, our heating and our food. This includes campaigning for more renewable energy, local sustainable agriculture, public transport and properly insulated zero- carbon homes and workplaces.
But more than this, a town which fosters resilience is one which can weather the storms and adapt to change. A sense of community is central to this – everyone should feel they have an important place. We saw this during lockdown, when people came together to help each other, whether being good neighbours or delivering food and medicine to people who needed it.

Bridport is a Rights Respecting Town which works towards fairness and inclusion for all. By fostering this ethos in our young people we are sowing the seeds of a more resilient future.