Sustainable Bridport visit to Hilfield Priory

8 June at 10.30 – please car-share

Hilfield Friary, located in rural Dorset, is an Anglican Franciscan community that combines spirituality with sustainable living. Here are some highlights of their renewable energy and sustainability projects:

  1. Solar PV Panels: Hilfield has installed solar photovoltaic (PV) panels to harness clean energy from the sun.
  2. Electric Car Charging: The friary supports electric vehicles by providing charging infrastructure.
  3. Biomass Boiler: They use a biomass boiler, which burns organic materials like wood chips or pellets, for heating.
  4. Kitchen Garden: Hilfield cultivates its own food in a kitchen garden, promoting self-sufficiency.
  5. Livestock: The friary keeps livestock, contributing to a holistic approach to sustainability.
  6. Species-Rich Hay Meadows: These meadows are ecologically diverse and support local wildlife.
  7. Car Sharing: Encouraging carpooling reduces environmental impact.
  8. Donations: Donations to Hilfield and the Society of St. Francis are welcomed to support their work1.

If you’re interested in joining the tour, visit their website for more information and consider making a donation to support their valuable initiatives! 

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