A Food Security Plan for Bridport.

A Presentation by Ele Saltmarsh

On Thursday 5th October, Ele Saltmarsh of Landworkers Alliance, presently studying for a PhD in Agricultural Sciences in the USA, gave a presentation on A Food Security Plan for Bridport .It was commissioned by  Bridport Town Council as part of their Climate Emergency Action Plan, and sponsored by AONB and Land Workers Alliance.

Ele did comprehensive research to provide an extensive report called Building a Sustainable and Resilient Food System that  covered  Bridport Local Area Partnership (BLAP). Through statistics and detailed knowledge of farms and farmers she presented calculations on how many tons of food products Bridport residents need. She emphasised the health issue of eating less sugar and oil and more diverse cereals. Also to use land efficiently

 Ele emphasised  possible new food crops which could be produced locally such as oil, nuts, fruit, veg and meat, so that less is imported. She spoke about all the diverse ways of growing possible in local farms and the role farmers played not just for food consumption but for employment and tourism too.

Further descriptions showed the different business models of scale and market, need for more processing units, education for the public, having less waste and how existing farms could transform their practises.

Finally her suggestions for change under the heading Changing Diets. Among many things Ele suggested were seasonality, agroecological research, education in the community, procurement, reaching out to farmers, increase outreach to schools, local supply chains, local barriers to accessing land and climate extremes adaption.

Bridport Town Council has been working with the Landworkers Alliance and Bridport Food Matters to gather data and define actions that would ensure our community has access to healthy, nutritious and high welfare food. A draft Food Security Plan is now available for comment ahead of the plan being considered by Bridport Town Council in January 2024. This Draft Food Security Plan has been authored by Ele. The consultation is to the end of October. Please help circulate the draft plan to more farmers and growers.

The link to the online questionnaire is:


The consultation is open until the end of October 2023.