Discussion on Local response to the climate 

A well-attended meeting  at the United Chirch in Bridport was led by Lindsey Fielder Cook. Representatives of our political parties -Kelvin Clayton, Edward Morello and Andrew Wyatt each gave  excellent presentations. All four speakers fielded questions and comments in the Q&A session. 

Chris Loder was asked but was not able to come at relatively short notice. 

The evening was introduced by Joe Burlington who organised the event, along with Sustainable Bridport. 

Lindsey Fielder Cook is the representative on climate change at the Quaker United Nations Office (QUNO) in Bonn.  She has a background in peacebuilding and climate change, and has worked on humanitarian and donor coordination efforts with the United Nations in the West Bank and Gaza, the former Yugoslavia, Somalia and on communications for the United Nations volunteers in Bonn.

Lindsey’s talk was videoed and can be viewed here Lindsey Fielder Cook’s presentation in Bridport  (the talk starts after two minutes).