Bridport Fashion Revolution Week

Fashion Revolution week is the anniversary of the collapse of The Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh 11years ago where many got killed and maimed making cheap fast fashion for us to consume.

We buy more clothes than ever before and we produce even more than that. This excess ends up in land fill or shipped of to poorer countries to create clothes mountains with material and textiles too poorly- made to be useful in any way. The cotton exploits the people and countries it’s grown in and synthetics pollute our land and sea.

We need radically new solutions to an industry that produces more emissions than aviation and shipping combined. At a recent event we organised ‘Herewear’ shared their E.U. funded project and it was inspirational to see and speak with their many partners from all over Europe concerned and working on this issue too. 

Join in with as many of the events as you can in Bridport Fashion Revolution week and start to become part of the solution. There is a long way to go but the more of us that start asking the question ‘Who made my Clothes?’ and ‘What’s in My Clothes?’ the more the industry will know we care